Breakfast at Radisson Blu Glasgow

Are you my mummy? *Comes out as Dr Who fan*

4/5 Highly recommended central hotel with great breakfast.

I pitched up at the Radisson Blu alongside Glasgow’s Victorian Central Station for a stay, and it would appear that breakfast is included in my rate. Quelle surprise! That doesn’t usually happen when I try and squeeze the cheapest price out of a hotel by fair means or foul. Not sure of this hotel’s rating, but I give it a solid four stars and no more. My breakfast was of the help yourself buffet variety, and I got well and truly tucked in, as there was no-one to show me to a seat or point me in the right direction. Pity I didn’t wait a wee bit longer actually.

I discovered on getting seated, with self served food in hand, that ‘if you can’t be bothered to go to the buffet’ we will bring the full scottish breakfast of your choice to the table. That comment on their table menu sounds a bit bloody withering if you ask me, but ho-hum the breakfast was very nice indeed.

Helped myself to all the hot stuff that veggies possibly can; tomatoes, mushrooms, hashbrowns, beans, scrambled egg. Skipped yoghurt, cereal and toast – heck you can get them at home every day of the week. Also I didn’t overindulge the American way in breakfast pastries, as scrumptious as they looked. It’s just not natural to have cake for one’s breakfast.

Pot of tea was very good and hot. Top marks for having freshly squeezed orange juice on tap and proper linens on the tables. On my best behaviour I managed not to spill anything on the tablecloth – a first. Finished off the fry-up with a wee bowl of fresh fruit salad. Gotta have a bit of Yin with my dietary Yang.  Note to self; even if the Independent newspaper is a freebie and a size that dainty female hands can handle, don’t bother. It’s a yawn-fest.

I briefly inspected the hotel’s swimming pool facilities by way of a veiled threat to my body. As exhilarating as it may be to to ford a path to the pool through a shedload of buffed guys at LA Fitness pumping iron, I thought it might be  all a bit  much. I decided to give the swimming a body swerve. Wouldn’t want to go to dinner with the smell of chlorine in my hair. You can never wash that stuff out.

You have to hand it to the rather stylish Radisson Blue (utilitarian gym and swimming pool excepted) it’s got a lot going for it: comfy beds, friendly staff, very convenient location for the city centre, public transport, restaurants and nightlife, cheapreal-ale pub across the road, and excellent soundproofed windows. I really didn’t hear a peep out of the morning rush hour that gridlocked the road outside my window. Slept like a baby.

and now the healthy bit


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