Tony Macaroni in Glasgow. Loopy Name Lovely Grub

Cheesecake and icecream? Don't mind if I do thanks.

4/5 Superb value for money informal dining.

If you could choose any place in Glasgow’s West End for lunch I bet you wouldn’t dream of setting foot in an Italian joint calling itself  Tony Macaroni. Call me a sceptic, but just because a restaurant is on the Byres Road that mere fact does not automatically endow it with foodie mecca status. The name alone should be enough to put most newcomers off, surely?

Fair enough it was not my turn to choose the venue, so off we toddled to Tony’s, me reluctantly bringing up the rear and stopping to peer forlornly through the window of the much hailed Number 16 Restaurant, before summoning a smile and walking through the doors to some inevitable culinary  disaster. The greeting was warm enough and a rather handsome bloke of latin parentage showed us to our table in what turned out to be quite an attractive room at the back.

I opted so sit on the banquette and had the best view in the house for a spot of people watching. Hmmm, well at least it looked quite smart and whoever thought of putting a flat screen tv on the wall of the very stylish loos was a genius! Listening to the 24 hour news broadcasts while spending a penny is something everyone should try at least once.

As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more cock-a-hoop that it was my turn to stump up for lunch.  All the main courses were £4.95 including any large pizza. Decision made – one pizza with loads of veg, one homemade burger, fries and salad, one grilled steak sandwich with red onion and goats cheese plus a bowl of minestrone soup, and another steak sandwich with bowl of the soup of the day. This would have been a bargain if even fifty percent had turned out to be rubbish. As it happened the food was all of excellent quality. Two of our group insisted on going the whole hog and having dessert, though I could only manage a coffee which came with a nice little italian biscotti.  Their own quirky take on home-made doughnuts italian- style looked impressive and took three people to demolish it and the little dipping cups of chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. The strawberry on top made it feel just a tad healthier!

I patently shouldn’t jump to conclusions on the basis of a restaurant’s slightly daft name. Tony Macaroni’s might just make it onto my Favourite Wee Places list!

Deep fried battered italian worms/doughnuts with choc and caramel dip


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