Grumpy Chef

ayr pavilion

Ayr Beach Pavilion on a foggy sunny day in March

Quick lunchtime jolly to Ayr today, ostensably to kick off the winter blues and grab some welcome rays from the sun by walking along the shoreline. Weird kind of weather on show. My camera failed to show the true picture; of bright strong sun shining through a thick fog that was rolling in off the sea. We could just about make out the water’s edge from the promenade. There was a fat chance of seeing Arran island today!

Lunch was taken at the Grumpy Chef on Cathcart Street. No sign of grumpiness I’m pleased to report. Restaurant was in a basement, but still managed to bright and airy, with smart decor and very comfy chairs. Starters were quite tasty and promised good things to come. The crusted salmon went down a treat, the veg were cooked to perfection and just the right side of al dente, and the mashed potatoes were what my mum would call ‘common or garden’ mashed potatoes and perfectly serviceable.

grumpy chef lunch

Parmesan crusted salmon

The one vegetarian option on the menu was vegetable pie. I don’t think I can be blamed for expecting this to be a pie, with vegetables in it can I? What it most resembled was a Linda McCartney Cottage Pie from the supermarket which had been nuked in the microwave, then artfully poured into a baking dish for a further few minutes in the oven. It would not surprise me if that is exactly what it was. For those not familiar with Linda McCartney vegetarian products they make copious use of veggie mince, a bit like Quorn Mince. The only vegetables in this vegetable pie were a few small carrot dice, and a handful of peas. What a disappointment. It was accompanied by sugar snap pease and a slice of white bread. Not a fan of bread with the main course. Can’t say I’ll be back in a hurry which is a shame, as they have everything else right. Bugger!

PS sign on the door says ‘children must be out by 9pm’ and ‘Cash Only’. Would be handy if they’d mentioned payment terms on their website.


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I love to find great little places to stay, eat and play around Scotland and tell everyone about it.
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