Cranachan and prosecco

5/5 A Princes Square Mall favourite!

Arrived in Glasgow on friday morning having skipped breakfast, so headed straight to Cranachan to fill that gap with class. It’s in the swish Princes Square Mall where the hoi polloi wander the expensive boutiques away from the vagaries of the Scottish weather. It was late morning and the creamy mushroomy melange plonked on top of toasted granary bread with rocket and other greenery was just the ticket.

Blew the budget on a flute of prosecco to wash it down and it arrived with a raspberry floating on top. Nice touch, but £4.50!  Eek I mustn’t acquire these expensive tastes.The calm of the inner room at Cranachan was shattered by the arrival of a loud ‘Oirish’ family with kids in tow, making themselves heard and gesticulating like hot headed Italians. They had a hint of tinker about them, and were jolly and entertaining rather than boorish.

Cranachan; classy wee cafe with a very Scottish slant and a unique way with antlers.  Renowned for hearty breakfasts and delicious afternoon teas. Veggies and carnivores will be happy and kids are welcome.  Sit ‘outside’ overlooking the bustling Princes Square Mall, or inside in the quieter smarter room overlooking Buchanan Street.

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